September 24, 2018

About Me

who is rabindra ghemosu

  • DOB: 19 Aug 1995
    Birth Place: Bhaktapur (Kathmandu Valley), Nepal
  • Education: Up to Bachelors Degree (Major Physics)
  • Training/Certificates
    ➤ April Onwards, 2017 (1 Month) Advance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Yala Tech Hub
    Pvt. Ltd., Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal
    ➤ December Onwards, 2016 (5 Months) Video, Sound, Motion Graphic & V.F.X Editing Nav 3D
    Animation Academy, Bagbazar Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Certified SEO Expert, VFX/Video Editor, and Motion Graphics Artist | Blogger | YouTube Expert | Freelancer
  • I have 4.5+ years of experience with Top IT Companies.
  • Worked As: Jr. Video Game Developer, Sr. IT Assistant & YouTube Service, Sr. SEO Specialist, Social Media Manager, Jr. Business Development Officer
  • Worked For/Ongoing: Music Nepal, SongsNepal, Midas, etc.
  • Current: MusicNepal | Designation: Jr. Business Development Officer & Social Media Manager
  • Check out my updated CV from
  • My YouTube Channel Link:
  • Clients I have worked for:-
    SEO: Music Nepal, SongsNepal, Interior Points Nepal, Yala Tech Hub, SparkleThemes, OffshoreThemesWorld Techpedia, and many other Freelancing Websites
    Video Edit/VFX/Motion Graphics: Music Nepal, SongsNepal, Saptak Dutraj (The Voice of Nepal), Mandira Dhungel, Yala Tech Hub, Surendra Maharjan (Founder, President & CEO at Hamro Ramro), RichNepal, NepaleseInVideography Facebook PageFreelancing Company’s Channel eCelebrity FactsEvergreen Tech Tips, World Techpedia, Marriage Ceremony, etc.
  • My Portfolio (Click To Explore All)
  • Skills & Endorsements: Business Development, Graphic Design, Video Editing (Wedding, Travel Vlogs, Events, and many), VFX, Motion Graphics and Creative Video Productions, Digital Marketing, SEO, ASO, YouTube, Teaching Profession, TEAM Leading, R&D, Blog/Article Writing (SEO copywriting), Basic Networking & Troubleshooting, PC Setups & Troubleshooting, PC Hardware & Software, Cryptocurrency, Online Earning, AdSense Earning & Setup, YouTube, Website, WordPress, Theme Development/Customization, Hosting & Website Setup, Electrical Connectivity & Troubleshooting.
Top Companies and Clients I have involved/contributed to date:
  1. Music Nepal
    Music Nepal
  2. SongsNepal
  3. Midas
    Midas eClass
  4. Saptak Dutraj (Top 4 Finalist of Voice of Nepal’s Season 1)
    The Voice of Nepal
    Saptak Dutraj
  5. Mandira Dhungel
    Mandira Dhungel BFBS Gurkha Radio Nepal
For Business inquiries, you may contact Rabindra Ghemosu on following contact detail:

Cell (Nepal Telecom): +977 – 984-993-0324
Address: Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur – Nepal